Patanjali Pachak anardana goli

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Patanjali Pachak anardana goli, Natural Health Care, Digestive Tablets, Dry Pomegranate Seeds, 1 Bottle, 100 grams

Looking for a tasty way to good health? This bottle of Patanjali Pachak Anardana Goli is your best choice. As soon as a goli is placed on the mouth the taste buds get activated, releasing saliva. This directly increases the HCI acid in the stomach which in turn boosts the appetite. 


This is a completely herbal product, made with real fruits. Rich in taste with a blend of sweetness and sour, these tablets are made with

• Dry pomegranate seeds 

• Large cardamom seeds

• Fennel seeds 

• Black pepper

• Long pepper

• Cumin seeds

• Asafoetida 

• Citric acid

• Coriander

• Cinnamon

• Black salt

• Rock salt

• Gulkand

• Sugar

Ayurveda Properties 

Anar Dana, as called in Ayurveda has been used in India for thousands of years because of its natural sweetness and numerous health benefits. As per Ayurveda, the medical qualities of the fruit include

• Light to digest 

• Cleanses the throat, stomach, and chest.

• The astringent taste of the fruit can help patients suffering from diarrhea.

Health Benefits 

Also called as Pachak Anardana Churna, this bottle of digestive tablets help the body by easing

• Abdominal distension.

• Indigestion problems.

• Anorexia


One should have Patanjali Pachak Anardana only after consulting a doctor.

• 2-5 tablets should be the maximum amount of intake every day.

• The tablets can be taken twice a day.


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Patanjali Pachak anardana goli

It works great, can go for it

Good taste and value for money, I was expecting it to be more sour and spicy taste but this is mostly sweet.