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Patanjali Pachak Shodit Harad: 100% Herbal, Based on Ayurvedic Formula, 5 gram, 1 bottle 

A perfect solution to your all stomach problem, Pachak Shodit Harad is 100% herbal product by Patanjali. Made with natural ingredients this tablets are used to improve appetite and digestion. This product has no side effects. An amazing tablet which we can take regularly for our good health. It comes in a package of 100 g.


• Indian Gooseberry

• Black Salt

• Dried Mango powder

• Sea Salt

• Black Pepper

• Citric Acid

• Cumin Seed

Health Benefits

The above mentioned ingredients not only cure digestive problems but also prevents many ailments naturally.

• This tablets strengthens our digestive system, thus prevents the problems like gas, acidity, intestinal gas and other stomach disorder.

• It helps in relieving painful urination or dysuria.

• Ailments like ulcer, sore throat and stomatitis can be cured by this herbal medicine.

• It boosts our stamina and a very good remedy for Anemia.


• Take 2 to 3 tablets or as advised by the doctor.

• Take twice for a better result.

• Try to avoid taking it on an empty stomach.

• Take this with room temperature water.

• Consult doctor before taking Pachak Shodit Harad if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding.

• Keep it away from children and store in a cool and dark place, avoid heat or direct sun light. Don’t freeze this medicines. 

• Try to complete the package of 100 gm within a month of opening.


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