Soham Stainless Steel 2-Box Lunch Box Set -Storage Container-Kids Lunch Box Set

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Soham Stainless Steel 2-Box Lunch Box Set - Storage Container-Kids Lunch Box Set, 7*10*10 inch

Soham stainless steel tiffin boxes are BPA free, non- toxic containers. These do not react with the food and thus are safe to be used to store or carry food items.

Colour: Silver.

Shape: Round.

Dishwasher safe: Yes.

Material: Stainless steel.

Content: 2 stainless steel containers with lids. 

Uses: Kids tiffin box. Store food material, like rice, lentils, sugar, etc.


This stainless steel storage container or tiffin box is a valuable asset for any Indian kitchen because

• Stays shining and rust-free for years.

• Made with premium quality stainless steel.

• Airtight and so keeps food fresh for a long time.

• Lightweight and durable. So it carries the box.

• It does not retain the smell or stains which come from the food.

• Perfect design and so easily get adjusted in the school bag.

• The round edges ensure that the fingers do not hurt when using the containers.

Maintenance & Care 

Retain the shine of the stainless steel lunch boxes by

• Using warm and soapy water to clean the containers.

• Baking soda or vinegar can clean the shines. 

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