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Vyas Kamchudamani Ras, Ayurvedic Energiser, 100% Vegetarian, 5gm Each, Available in 12 Packets 


Vyas Kamchudamani Ras is one of the well known medicines from India. This product is a natural energy booster. It is extremely popular in Northern parts of India. The medicine is available in tablet form.


Vyas Kamchudamani Ras is rich in minerals and herbal ingredients. 

• Jaiphal

• Muktapisthi

• Rajat Bhasma

• Swarna Bhasma

Health Benefits 

Vyas Kamchudamani Ras health benefits are immense. This herbal medicine can be used for the following purposes.

• Relieve PE.

• Aphrodisiac therapy.

• Enhance libido and vigour.

• Strengthens the person mentally and physically.


Vyas Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd started as a home business. The family members prepared the medicine at home using the best herbs. The company produces state-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce this medicine. The company is based at Sanwer Road, Indore.

India is the land of Ayurveda. This ancient science is used in Vyas Kamchudamani Ras to prepare the magical potent. Some unique features of this medicine are

• 100% vegetarian.

• Made with best ingredients.

• Available in 5 gram packs. 

• Buyers can purchase 12 packets at 1 time.

• Is not known to have any adverse effects on health.


Vyas Kamchudamani Ras can be consumed according to the directions received from the Doctor or as per the below schedule.

• For 3 months.

• With warm milk.

• 2 times every day.

• 1 tablet each after meals.


Ensure freshness and usability of Vyas Kamchudamani Ras for long time by following the below points.

• Store at a  and dry place.

• Do not expose the medicine to direct sunlight.


This is extremely rare Product so it will be dispatched with 2- 5 business days.

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