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Artificial Jewelry

Since time immemorial, a lady's first passion has been jewelry, and artificial jewelry has been her closest friend as artificial fashion jewelry is exquisite in appearance and affordable.

Artificial jewelry for women, also known as imitation jewelry, is a delicate duplicate of jewels typically made out of valuable and rare gemstones or metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Instead, readily malleable metals such as nickel, lead, copper, cadmium, zirconium, and brass are molded into the desired forms to create high-quality and fashionable jewelry sets for ladies. The resulting gems have a similar appearance, brilliance, and weight to actual metal designer jewelry.
Here are all of Distacart's artificial jewelry collections.

Threaded Jewelry:

Thread jewelry has been popular for a long time and is still one of the most popular types of jewelry among women. Silk thread bangles, necklaces, earrings, jhumkas, and other similar accessories let you achieve a really refined style. Immerse yourself in a variety of elegantly woven jewelry items in a variety of colors and styles on Distacart, and purchase your favorites at reasonable costs online.

Oxidized Jewelry:

Gone are the days when women acted like magpies and only wanted bright things. Women fell in love with oxidized jewelry just as much as they did with their other glistening accessories. Oxidized jewelry is manufactured by combining pure silver with another metal to form an alloy with an 80:20 ratio. Oxidized jewelry is available at Distacart in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional and tribal to trendy and urbane pieces that may be worn to work as well.

Kundan Jewelry:

Kundan jewelry designs are a really rare class of jewelry made with glass bits inlaid in gold to produce one-of-a-kind works of art. For our consumers, Distacart has a fantastic distinctive range with stunning patterns. We have Kundan necklaces, Kundan earrings, Kundan Bangles, Kundan maang tikkas, naths, and more Kundan jewelry sets for online purchasing. Get them today to add that additional oomph to your ensembles!

Pearl Jewelry:

In the realm of fashion, pearl jewelry is the most traditional and adaptable style of jewelry. Pearls, often known as the "Queen of Gems," are a favorite piece of jewelry among girls and women all over the world. Pearl jewelry exudes majesty and opulence like nothing else. Distacart currently offers the latest artificial pearl jewelry designs in India with only one click.

Handmade Jewelry:

Handmade jewelry is one of the most exciting and vibrant trends on the market today. Handmade jewelry is dependent on expertise, so while pieces may look similar, each item is an exact reproduction, and each has its own distinct feature. That is what distinguishes it from others. From quirky to highly created sophisticated designer jewelry, we provide a wide choice of handcrafted jewelry. This provides all of our clients with a wide range of options for completing an ensemble in a variety of ways. So, what are you waiting for?

Antique Jewelry:

Antique jewelry is described as jewelry that is both stylish and makes a statement about antique vintage designs. The gold-plated antique jewelry designs date back to the 1800s, giving them a classic and rustic character. We have an extensive online assortment of Antique jewelry for ladies at Distacart, including antique necklaces, earrings, maang tikkas, waist belts, payals, and more.

Bridal Jewelry:

Today's brides must-have wedding jewelry sets since they are both gorgeous and classic. You don't need to search much further if you want to buy designer jewelry online. With hundreds of handcrafted traditional and sophisticated jewelry to pick from, Distacart provides the finest bridal jewelry purchasing destination online.
The search for artificial bridal jewelry sets on the internet has come to an end right here, right now. There is something for everyone here, from hefty Kundan bridal jewelry sets to modern wedding decorations.


Artificial Jewelry FAQ’s:

1. What metal is used to make fake jewellery?

Artificial jewellery is constructed of inexpensive metals that may be readily moulded into a variety of forms. The most frequent metal used to produce fake jewellery is nickel, which is a white metal. Copper, lead, cadmium, and brass are also utilised.

2. Why does man-made jewellery become green?

The most prevalent cause of skin greening is hidden copper in metal jewellery.

3. What can you use to protect your jewellery from going black?

You may either treat the areas of the jewellery that are near to the skin with nail polish or spray the entire piece with clear paint to avoid tarnishing.

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