Colorful Rangoli design for floor decoration / Wall Decoration / Pooja Decoration

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Colorful Rangoli design for floor decoration / Wall Decoration / Pooja Decoration:

Acrylic Rangoli, Mango Designed, Multi Coloured, Festivity Special, Ideal for 7 Oil Lamps

Be it an Indian wedding, the festival of Diwali, Onam, Navaratri or Rakshabandhan, a rangoli can add a traditional look to the occasion, wherever it may be. Rangoli have been a part of Indian culture from thousands of years. These rangoli were made from flower petals, natural colours, salt and water. But it is tough to capture this art and also is time consuming; for this reason now-a-days artificial rangoli have gained popularity. Even if someone is not able to learn this art of creating rangoli, he/she can decorate the house with artificial rangoli.


• The rangoli is mango shaped.

• It is made from fine quality acrylic.

• Can be placed at the entrance of home to welcome guests.

• Can be placed at the pooja ghar along with different other rangoli patterns.

• 7 oil lamps or diya can be placed on each part of the rangoli.

• Made using bright and contrasting colours which include yellow, red, green and ruby pink.

• The white pearls at the tip of the mango shaped rangoli add serenity to the complete rangoli.

• The whole rangoli is made on a transparent plastic sheet.


• The best part of this rangoli is it is ready to use. Just place it on the floor and the look of your pooja ghar is complete.

• This mango shaped kundan rangoli is handcrafted.

• Every part of the rangoli is handmade and hence exhibits ultimate fineness.

• Ideal for gifting for its grand look and as rangoli is considered to bring positivity in household.

How to use:

• Can be placed on the floor.

• Can be pasted on walls using double sided tapes.

• For better looks, the rangoli can be pasted on a dark coloured velvet background.

• Several pieces of these mango shaped rangoli can be arranged in different patterns to give a unique look to the pooja ghar to give a broad decorative look on a large open space.

Product Information:


Diameter: 31 cms

centre: 6.5 cms

mango shape leaf: 9.5 cms


Product ID: 618604


Note - This product will be made in different colors. At the time of purchase, Depending on available color order will be fulfilled. The available color will be notified if it is not matching with product picture color. Up on confirmation from customer either we proceed with order or we refund the amount which includes that particular product shipping. 

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