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Chilli Flakes

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Spice Up Every Food You Eat With The Best Quality Chili Flakes:

Spicy food is one of the joys of life that makes eating more enjoyable. Be it when you are enjoying a pizza, pasta, or a chicken dish, it can always use more spices and Masala, and what better way for you to spice up your food than ready-to-eat chili flakes. However, there's plenty you can learn about chili flakes to ensure that you can enjoy your food the most when you add red chili flakes to it. So, let's take a closer look at chili flakes, and after that, if you want to buy chili flakes online, you can buy them on Distacart.

How are chili flakes made?

Chili flakes are made using high-quality red chilis that are roasted on flame. Then the roasted chilis are pulsed and crushed to be made into their final form. The roasting process often defines if the chili flakes have a smoky taste, and for some products, the chilis are sun-dried and roasted on charcoal flame for a very distinct and rich taste.

Chili flakes are also made using green chilis, but the process of manufacturing is different in this case. For green chili flakes, the process of manufacturing starts with finely chopping green chilis that have been cultivated naturally. The green chilis are then sun-dried for a long time. In some cases, the chilis are fermented instead of being sun-dried, and lastly, the green chilis are crushed and made into chili flakes.

Which cuisines are best enhanced by chili flakes?

Herbs and Seasonings are great with all types of food, but mixing chili flakes in your cereal might not be the best idea, so there are certain cuisines that are best suited for chili flakes while others are not. So, some of the cuisines that are best suited for chili flakes are Italian, Indian, and Chinese. How? Let's explore!


Italian food is best suited for chili flakes, and as Indians, this is one of the first places that you might have seen chili flakes being served and used on pizzas. So, when it comes to pasta and pizzas, chili flakes are your go-to spice options, and it tastes heavenly.


Chinese food also uses chili flakes in various dishes such as noodles and fried rice. It adds a hint of spice that is different from the rest of the dish and makes the flavor of the dish richer. Even though it is not Chinese, ramen, which is a Japanese dish, also uses chili flakes for adding spice to the dish.


Indian food uses chili flakes as well as roasted red chilis in general day-to-day home cooking as well. So, even though it is not used by the name of chili flakes are, Indian cuisine uses a lot of roasted red chilis in different forms in its cuisine to add spice and rich flavor to various dishes.

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