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Deesha Foods

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Bite Into Heavenly Chocolates with Deesha Foods

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, festivals or any other landmark or achievements, if there is one common factor in all celebrations with family and friends, it ought to be Chocolates! Infact, we could almost claim no celebration is ever complete without relishing the deliciousness of chocolate in all its glory, be it milk, dark or white chocolate or a good old perfectly baked chocolate cake to make sweet everlasting memories with loved ones.

But when it comes to celebrations with and for our near and dear ones, we always look out for the best of everything, be it the décor, music, food or desserts. And when it comes down to picking the best quality of chocolates to compliment your celebrations, your search ends at Deesha foods!

Founded in the year 2012 and using only the best quality West African cocoa beans, Deesha foods’ chocolates are not just yummy, but also quite innovative and creative, which is evident from their wide range of more than 70 unique flavours, chocolate blends, products and recopies consistently enjoyed by their loyal and ever growing customer base.  

Best Ingredients:

Along with being rich, flavourful and melt in your mouth smooth,Deesha’s chocolates are also sustainably sourced and strictly use only stringently selected ingredients in their manufacturing process. So, you are guaranteed not just the finest quality of chocolates but also high safety standards, owing to their years of experience and in depth research in chocolate making. 


Deesha foods doesn’t just invest a whole lot of love and care in creating what goes inside a packet of lip smacking chocolates, but also on the packaging itself. Since the main unique selling point of Deesha’s foods is gifting chocolates to family, friends, colleagues and business partners, Deesha foods focuses on unique, colourful and quirky packaging that is sure to bring a smile on your loved one’s faces when they unwrap and relish the goodies inside. After all, one of the main motives of Deesha’s foods is to spread happiness!


There is a thumb rule when it comes to food, the fresher it is, the yummier it tastes! And that is no different for chocolates. To retain and enjoy the original texture, flavour and aroma of a chocolate, it is vital that it is freshly prepared and savoured. And Deesha foods ensures just that with their Just – in- time inventory management method that ensures that all their labour, raw materials and everything else that is needed for manufacturing is scheduled to arrive exactly when needed to make sure the production is a smooth process.


 In today’s world of cut throat competition, innovation is the name of the game. And Deesha foods understand that as well as anybody else. This is precisely why they have a dedicated team of craftsmen and a lab for relentlessly carrying out all Research and Development related to the chocolate making process like mixing, blending, temperature and cooling  to not just retain the original freshness, taste and aroma, but also create unique blends, textures and flavours that the customers will most likely not find elsewhere.  

Indian Taste

 Deesha foods takes great pride in the fact that they are an Indian chocolate making company that mainly focuses on pleasing the Indian palate not just in India but in different parts of the world as well!  

Let us explore some of their unique mouth watering varieties of chocolates 

Festival and Occasions Chocolates

Corporate Gifting 


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