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Lipton- The Brand of Signature Taste and Aroma:

If you are looking for a steaming hot cup of refreshment, Lipton tea may be your first choice. This British brand of tea is now under the ownership of Unilever. Made with distinctive long leaves, Lipton tea offers a magical aroma and flavour to the tea. This brand of beverage is now available on Distacart. We deliver you 100% original Lipton products online right at your doorsteps.

Lipton Tea Types- The Source of Positive Energy:

Lipton, one of the leading beverage companies of the world has tea variants for almost all types of tea lovers. You can now shop online for the Lipton Pure & Light Green tea at Distacart. Lipton green tea is rich in antioxidants and may help you in your weight loss journey. On the other hand, Lipton Taaza Tea is made with high quality fresh green tea leaves and hence is packed with the natural goodness of theanine. Distacart brings to you both large pack and Lipton tea bags at USA, UK and Canada.

You can also buy Lipton Darjeeling tea on Distacart. One of the finest forms of tea in the world, this light form of beverage is popular for its fruity and floral notes. Impress your guests with a hop cup is Darjeeling tea from Lipton. Distacart also has a great stock of namkeen to complement this golden cup of tea.

Another special form of tea available from Lipton is the ice tea. Enjoy the flavour of a cup of refreshing ice tea from the brand. A delightful concoction of lemon and tea, Lipton ice tea is a treat to your taste buds at anytime of the day. It comes in three variants, namely, Lipton Ice Tea Peach, Lemon Tea and Green Mint Lime Tea. Lipton chai is also available in powder form. Lipton zero sugar and Lipton soup are some other delicious form of food product available from the brand.


1.Is Lipton a black tea?

You can enjoy Lipton tea both with milk and without milk.

2.Does Lipton reduce weight?

You may use Lipton green tea to burn fat and ultimately reduce weight. This tea type contains caffeine that assists in burning fat.

3.Is it good to eat Lipton tea everyday?

You may drink Lipton tea everyday to boost energy. It may be also helpful to strengthen the immunity and assist in getting better oral health.

4.Is Lipton tea good for skin?

Lipton tea is rich in antioxidants. For this reason, it may help your body to fight free radicals and acnes. Tea is also known to be a great toner due to its cooling properties.

5.Is it ok to drink Lipton tea at night?

There is not known to be any particular issue with drinking tea at night. According to some uses, they sleep better after having a warm cup of tea.

6.Is Lipton Iced Tea unhealthy?

Lipton unsweetened ice tea does not add have any calories. This type of tea consumption is fine for users who want to keep their weight under check.

7.Is Lipton Iced Tea real tea?

Yes. Lipton Iced Tea is based on black tea and hence are real form of tea.

8.Is there caffeine in Lipton Iced tea?

Yes. All types of Lipton Iced Tea are known to contain caffeine; the decaffeinated Lipton ice tea may have traces of caffeine.

9.Does Lipton tea keep you awake?

Yes. Lipton tea is known to have energy boosting properties and hence may be able to keep you awake.

10.What are the benefits of Lipton Yellow Label tea?

Lipton Yellow Label tea may boost appetite, lower cholesterol levels and may even improve mental health.

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