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Mouth Fresheners

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Mouth Fresheners for a Healthy Mouth

Mouth fresheners are ancient after-meal digestive products made of all natural ingredients.  They are made of various seeds and nuts often fennel, anise, coconut, coriander and sesame. They are mostly sweet in nature due to added sugar and peppermint oil.

Nowadays there are a variety of mouth fresheners in the market with different flavors and colors. They help get rid of bad smell and support digestive system too.  One can easily carry them in pocket as different varieties of these are available in the market. For example, Chewing gums, peppermint sprays, mouth wash liquid, candy and tablets etc.  

Health Benefits of Mouth Fresheners 

There are several health benefits of Mouth Fresheners which are as follows:

  • They help in digestion
  • Provide relief in cold and cough
  • Improve oral health
  • Act as Anti-Microbial

Mouth fresheners reduce the symptoms of gastrointestinal problems like acidity, gas, cramps, nausea, heartburn etc. They also alleviate cold and reduce inflammation of sore throat. Some researches show that mouth fresheners fight various harmful microbes like fungi, bacteria and viruses.

One can find various types of mouth fresheners in one’s kitchen or in stores. Let’s discuss them in detail here - 

Natural Mouth Fresheners:

Natural mouth fresheners are the items available in our kitchen with no side effects. Eating these can naturally freshen up our breath and improve our oral health. Distacart has many such products to supply to the end users. Few of them are as follows:

Coriander seeds:

Coriander works as an amazing natural mouth freshener. The amazing flavor supports in covering the strong food smell of onion and garlic which causes bad breath. 

Fennel Seeds:

A spoonful of fennel seeds combined with sugar is a commonly-used mouth freshener consumed after meal to support digestion. Fennel seeds produce saliva and fight with the germs resulting bad breath, reduce burping and relieve acidity. Chewing few fennel seeds freshen our breath naturally.


Cardamom works as a revitalizing mouth sweetener. It is used broadly in traditional supplement to fight against bad breath and helps in taking care of various dental issues.


Clove is used in Indian cuisine to enhance the fragrance and aroma of the dish. It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicinal products as toothpastes and mouthwash to relieve a toothache. Clove works as a strong antibacterial agent that kills odor causing bacteria.

Mint Leaves:

Chewing mint leaves is the simplest and the easiest way to freshen the mouth in a jiffy and it energizes our senses too. The aroma of mint leaves is very strong and the taste stays for hours together.

Earlier, elders used to pluck mint leaves directly and used to eat them to maintain their digestive system and keep their oral health in place. Nowadays, Mint mouth fresheners are used which have natural anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties which assist in restraining growth of bacteria in the mouth and help stop infection. 

Mouth fresheners are available in packet forms too which are basically sachets in small quantity. These help the buyers to consume the product as per their choice. Distacart has excellent finished packets which are largely used for promoting the brand value and maintaining the goodwill in the market. Mouth fresheners’ packets with standy pouch and zip lock are easy to open and retain the aroma and freshness locked in the packet.

On Distacart, one can purchase mouth fresheners online. This is not just easy but convenient too as it will get the desired product delivered at your doorsteps. 

Herbal Mouth Fresheners:

These days’ herbal mouth fresheners are in trend. They are amazing mouth fresheners which promote digestive system. Herbal mouth fresheners are natural products without any side effects and they replace artificially flavored, preservatives added mouth fresheners. Herbal mouth fresheners are more real, natural and nutritious fresheners available in abundance. The only difference between Natural Mouth Fresheners and Herbal Mouth Fresheners is that the natural one’s are nature-created and do not need any amalgamation while the herbal one’s, though, are processed in factories but do not use any artificial or chemical product in their manufacturing. 

One can order them online on Distacart. There are several options available. You only need to choose your preferred option and place the order. 

All in all, it is safe to conclude that there are a plethora of naturally safe mouth fresheners available in the market and in one’s kitchen which are chemical-free and without any side effects. They are far better than the adulterated products like chewing gum, tobacco and all which have adverse effects on our health. All the ingredients used in these mouth fresheners are unique, have distinct aroma and have excellent health benefits. So grab your mouth freshener packet today by placing an order on Distacart which is the most convenient and easiest way to order mouth freshener online.


1. Is mouth freshener harmful?

No. Mouth fresher is made up of natural ingredients like mint, cloves, pudina and cardamom. They add their natural aroma to the product, are chemical-free and help in removing the bad odour.

2. Which is the best mouth freshener available online?

Any mouth freshener which is devoid of artificial chemicals is good for your health. You can opt for mouth fresheners which make use of herbal, natural products of your choice. For example, you can go for herbal mouth fresheners, or mint mouth fresheners, or natural mouth fresheners made up of ingredients such as cloves, fennel seeds, cardamom etc based on your personal liking. They are not only tasty but impart health benefits also and remove bad smell from our mouth. Distacart can help in buying these products online if you are staying in USA and Canada.

3. What are the benefits of eating mouth fresheners?

If you eat a mouth freshener after a meal, it will control your bad breath, will aid in digesting the food, help in overcoming bloating or flatulence which usually occurs because of a heavy meal. There are a variety of natural mouth fresheners to choose from. You can see the various options on Distacart at the click of your button and enjoy their benefits.