Himalaya Herbals Aactaril Soap

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Himalaya Herbals Aactaril Soap, Medicated Bathing Solution, Treat superficial bacterial and fungal infections, 100% Herbal, 75gm

Himalaya Herbals Aactaril Soap is a medicated soap. This cleansing soap is known to treat rashes and skin irritation. Aactaril Soap is prepared following Ayurveda.

Form: Solid

Color: White

Skin type: All

Fragrance: Berry

Type: Medicated soap

Application area: Body

Gender: Both men and women

Suitable for: Children and adults

Package content: 1 piece of soap (weighing 75gm)


Himalaya Herbals Aactaril Soap is an all-natural soap. It is made with

·       Ushira – Vetiver

·       Jambira- Lemon

·       Ram tulsi- Basil

·       Neem- Indian lilac

·       Karanj- Indian Beech Tree


Himalaya Herbals Aactaril Soap is known for its multiple benefits on the skin. It is known for its anti-microbial properties. The key uses of the Aactaril Soap are

·       Treats itchy skin

·       Treats scaling on the skin

·       Reduces burning spots, redness, and irritation

·       Treat skin infections like fungus and bacteria


Himalaya Herbals is a renowned brand in the market of herbal products. The company is a proud manufacturer of all-natural skincare and beauty products. Himalaya Herbals was founded in 1930. Since then it has ensured to bring the goodness of 5000 years old Ayurveda to every Indian household. Himalaya Herbals Aactaril Soap

·       Is 100% herbal

·       Is non-toxic in nature

·       Is ideal for everyday use

·       Improves the skin texture

·       Is considered eco-friendly

·       Is considered skin-friendly

·       Makes the skin soft and smooth

·       Is not known to cause skin dryness

·       Is made with the best quality ingredients

·       Comes with a long shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture

Direction to use

Himalaya Herbals Aactaril Soap is generally used like any other bathing soap. Generally the below steps are followed to use the soap.

·       Apply the soap thoroughly over the body

·       Massage till enough lather is formed

·       Wash off the lather with lukewarm water

·       Should be used at least 2 times a day

·       Should be used on regular basis for effective results


Himalaya Herbals Aactaril Soap stays usable for long if the below tips are followed.

·       Store at a cool and dry place

·       Drain out the excess water after every use


·       Only for external use

·       Keep away from children


·       Do not expose to direct sunlight

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Best Soap for cleansing.

It gives immediate relief from irritation, itching and burning.
Helps in preventing from Skin infections. Must try !!!