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Olive Oil

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Olive oil is a popularly used oil made out of olives, which is a traditional tree that is cultivated in the Mediterranean basin. Olive oil is a multi purpose oil obtained by pressing the olives it is used in hair products, skin products, cooking, medicines, etc. Olive oil which is just purest and highest grade is known as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil that is cold pressed, unrefined with the original aroma is known as Pure Olive oil. Most people around the world drink olive for certain health benefits.

Types of Olive Oil:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil:It is the highest quality type of olive oil, smell and taste are of the purest form. It is good to consume
  • Virgin Olive Oil -Slightly less pure form olive oil, it has a sense of fragrance. It is also used to consume
  • Lampante Virgin Olive Oil  -This kind of olive oil contains acidic properties with an unpleasant smell because it is not refined. Not suitable for direct consumption
  • Olive Oil -It is obtained from the fruits of the traditional olive tree, used for consumption either directly, and olive oil for cooking.
  • Pomace olive oil -It is a blend of virgin and extra virgin olive oils. It has low-cholesterol content and is used for cooking and manufacturing food content.

Olive oil is a liquid fat soluble, One tablespoon of olive oil has 119 calories.  However, it has scientifically proven various health benefits.

Benefit of Olives and Virgin Olive Oil:

Olive Oil for Body:

Best olive oil has healing benefits which makes it an ideal oil for a light frequent massage. 

  • It has healing properties which heal body scars, and spots.
  • It can relieve and reduce soreness of muscles
  • It helps Reduce Body aches
  • Olive oil has properties that can reduce inflammation.
  • It targets nerves and calms down them, relaxes the body
  • It helps in Body nourishment by allowing free circulation of blood
  • It can stimulate metabolism and increase energy levels
  • It is good for breast massage and helps in firmness 
  • It detoxifies the body.

Olive oil benefits the Face:

  • Its antioxidant properties work best on facial skin
  • Olive oil locks the facial moisture, good for dry skin type
  • Extra virgin olive oil is good for any skin type and has skin whitening properties
  • It has Vitamin E which nourishes the facial skin
  • It may reduce premature aging, makes skin soft and glowing
  • Helps in removing sun tan and sunburn
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and compounds that are highly beneficial to reducing skin damage
  • It helps in lightening dark lips.
  • It can be used to remove makeup

Olive Oil for Hair:

  • Hair can benefit a lot from Extra virgin olive oil, the purest form of oil, which helps in hair growth
  • It helps in hair massage warm extra virgin olive oil applied on the scalp and experience the relaxed and stress free spa at home
  • Helps in detangling hair, reduces hair fall, softens the hair, gives deep nourishment to hair and the scalp
  • Reduces hair dullness and dryness

Olive Oil for Skin:

  • Olive oil has excellent natural properties which help in locking up the skin’s moisture.
  • It has antimicrobial properties and oxidant properties which protect skin from external bacteria and prevent oxidation respectively.
  • Olive oil provides the vitamin A, D  E, and K to the skin, which has their own benefits for a healthy and glowing skin
  • Olive oil can be used as an exfoliator to remove accumulated dirt in the deep tissues of the skin.

Olive Oil Health Benefits:

  • Olive Oil can prevent Heart diseases, and heart strokes
  • It is rich in Nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-microbial properties.
  • Consuming on empty stomach reduces gastritis acidity
  • It is a good natural remedy for liver related issues
  • It helps in lowering cholesterol
  • Olive oil helps in reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Olive oil is used as a medication for various health benefits

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Olive Oil FAQ’s:

1. Does Olive oil helps in breast enlargement?

Olive can help in the firmness of sagging breasts, but it can have no effects on breast enlargement

2. Is olive oil good for breast massage?

Yes, it is good for breast massage, helps in even skin tone, and improves firmness, and blood circulation.

3. Does olive oil lighten skin tone?

Helps in maintaining healthy skin, locks up the moisture, and gives a hydrating soft smooth and supple look. Extra virgin olive oil has skin lightening properties and on regular usage, it can help improve skin glow.

4. Can I drink Olive oil?

You can use olive oil for consumption by adding it to your daily diet, however, it is a fat liquid, keep a check on how much quantity you intake.

5. What is Extra-virgin olive oil?

Olive oil which is just purest and highest grade is known as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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