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Silk Sarees have been associated with South India from time immemorial. They are fit for various occasions, such as weddings, pujas, parties, etc., and will never go out of style. Let’s take a look at the different types of Silk Sarees.

Banarasi Sarees:

First worn in the 19 century, Banarasi silk sarees are known for their exquisite appeal, making the wearer feel like royalty. And fitting that, it's known to sit on the throne of Indian silk sarees.

The Banarasi saree is one of India's most valued and worn sarees. Resham threads, zari work, and embroidered borders make it a majestic weave.

The Amazing Varieties Of Banarasi Saree:

  • Banarasi Patola
  • Banarasi Chanderi
  • Organza Banarasi Sarees
  • Banarasi Georgette Sarees
  • Tanchoi Banarasi Sarees
  • Cutwork Banarasi Sarees
  • Jaal Banarasi Sarees
  • Butidar Banarasi Sarees
  • Styling Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi saris embroidered heavily or have incredible zari work are considered the best for weddings. For day functions, one can go for bright colors like yellow, red, orange, green, or even pink. One can also go for dark colors like maroon, navy blue, brown, or even black Banarasi saris. One can go for exceptional Indian jewelry or style.

Kanjivaram Saree:

Kanchipuram is a village in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The village has a rich heritage with a well-known saree called Kanjivaram saree. There are few families still in the village that perform old weaving techniques to make Kanjeevaram sarees. Previously, all the sarees made of silk were handwoven, and the weaving was performed by skilled workers.

The silk fabric of the Kanchipuram sarees is famous for its quality and its rich appeal. Silk sarees are a popular choice of bridal ensembles in most parts of Southern India. Demand for Kanjivaram sarees and other traditional sarees like Banarasi sarees and Paithani sarees has increased immensely.

The Amazing Varieties Of Kanjivaram Sarees:

  • Plain Kanchipuram saree with gold border
  • Temple Border Kanjivaram saree
  • Modern Kanjivaram weaves saree
  • Traditional Kanjeevaram saree

Prashanti Sarees:

Prashanti Sarees, a division of Wedtree eStore Private Limited, is a well-known name among saree enthusiasts for its extravagant weaves in handloom sarees.

With a 25-year history in silk and silk cotton sarees, we are delighted to state that all of our sarees are handcrafted.

The Amazing Varieties Of Prashanti Sarees:

  • Bangalore Silks
  • Pure Chiffons
  • Pure Chanderi Silks
  • Munga Silks
  • Malai Silks
  • Bamboo Silk

They believe in 'tradition for generations,' and their collections reflect this. Ms. Brindha Padmanaabhan, their director, puts a lot of care into selecting each saree and presenting them without sacrificing quality, weaving at an accessible price.

One of its specializations offers its consumers an extensive range of Silk cotton sarees. Among them is hand block printed collections, Kuppadam collections - silk cotton with silk borders, and Korvai collections.

Pattu Sarees:

Pattu is a Tamil word that means silk. Made with pure mulberry silk, lustrous Pattu sarees are a hallmark of luxury and elegance among South Indian women.
Pattu sarees are primarily a type of South Indian silk saree stitched with real gold-coated silver zari. By remaining loyal to their beauty and adaptability, these old sarees have weathered the test of time. Pure Silk (Pattu) sarees come in various styles, including Samudrika Pattu, Parampara Pattu, Vastrakala Pattu, and others. Each of them is a work of art in its own right.

Designers and original weavers have changed classic Pattus and made lighter sarees with half delicate zari in response to changing circumstances.

Key features:

  • Pure silk saree producers use mulberry silk because of its tensile strength and endurance.
  • The silk brand certification is the greatest technique to differentiate a pure silk saree from a mixed fabric.
  • Silk sarees are available in a broad range of colors, designs, and weaves to suit any fashion preference.
  • Every lady has a saree, from heavy bridal party sarees to lightweight plain sarees.

Mysore Silk Sarees:

These silk saris represent the apex of Karnataka's rich tradition of silk manufacturing and weaving. They have a strong link with the royals of Mysore. Silk sarees from Mysore feature a silky shine and a smooth drape. Startling color contrasts distinguish between the border and the body and exquisite decorations in pure gold zari.

Mysore silk saris have a simple beauty to their patterns. A cascade of broad and narrow stripes on the pallu is a signature design motif of the Mysore silk sari; delicate buttis often dot the body, while the border features a single line of mango motifs or layers of diminutive patterns; a cascade of broad and narrow stripes on the pallu is a signature design motif of the Mysore silk sari.

The motifs occasionally get more extravagant, with complex rows of flora and animals adorning the gold zari sari. The immaculate smoothness and exquisite simplicity of the Mysore silk sari will always be praised, even as its designs grow more imaginative.

Mysore Silk sarees have a unique weave that produces a smooth, glossy look. These sarees are presently made by the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC), which follows strict guidelines to ensure that the fabric is of the most outstanding quality. Premium mulberry silk is braided with gold Zari to produce some of the most stunning patterns. Silk saris from Mysore have a sleek appearance and are light in weight. They're very soft silk sarees and airy, and they're comfy.

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Silk Saree FAQ’s:

1. What is so eye-catching about silk sarees?

Silk sarees’ luster and mesmerizing colors make them one of a kind.

2. Is silk heavy or light?

Silk is generally light to medium weight.

3. What is special about silk saree?

The Indian silk sarees are known for their lustrous beauty and incomparable variety of designs and colors.

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