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Sri Sri Tattava Ayurveda Products

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Sri Sri Tattva Ayurvedic Products - Embrace the Care of Nature

Sri Sri Tattva is a leading provider of premium health and wellness products. Its organic products are a landmark in Ayurvedic medicine. The brand has nurtured the thousands of years old Indian medical science to come up with some of the most effective herbal supplements. Now Distacart brings to you the most popular Sri Sri Tattva Ayurveda products in USA right at your doorsteps. We are one of the premiumSri Sri Tattva online product sellers across USA and Canada. 

Let us check out theSri Sri Tattva product list which are available in the USA and Canada. 

Sri Sri Tattva Wellness Products:

Ayurveda heals from within; products likeSri Sri Tattva Tulasi tablets can treat cough and cold, deep from within. The best part of organic wellness products like Amla juice and Amlapittari Vati can eliminate health issues without causing any side effects.Sri Sri Tattva products are chemical free and thus best for your health.

Sri Sri Tattva Personal Care:

Sri Sri Tattva was established to bring nature close to human lifestyle. For this reason, the company has transformed the classic Ayurvedic formulations into modern personal care products like the Sudanta toothpaste and Anti Dandruff Shampoo. Pamper your skin with pure rose water or get a pimple free face with the Sri Sri Tattva neem face wash.Sri Sri Tattva online also has a wide range of ointments, like Sri Sri Tattva Twaqure and Pylmukti, that are effective and easy to apply.

Sri Sri Tattva Dietary Supplements:

Sri Sri Tattva dietary supplements are available in different variants, namely, tablets, syrup and powder. Enriched with the herbal goodness of neem, shatavari, arjuna and ashwagandha (to name a few), Sri Sri Tattva dietary supplements ensure complete wellbeing of the user. Ashwagandha tablets, Brahma Rasayana, Mahayogaraj Guggulu are some of the most popular wellness products from the brand.

Sri Sri Tattva Groceries & Staples:

Want to make your simple lunch special? Add a spoonful of Sri Sri Tattva Pure Ghee to a steaming hot plate of rice, chapati or parantha; made with pure cow milk, it is delicious and healthy.

Sri Sri Tattva Toiletries:

YourSri Sri Tattva online shopping must include organic soaps. Handmade with ingredients like sandalwood, glycerine, almond and honey, these soaps are skin friendly. You also get the add-on benefit of refreshing aroma with every use.

Distacart is theSri Sri Tattva store online. We sell 100% authentic products from the brand. The best part, Distacart delivers the products in Canada without asking for any duty fees.


1. Who is the owner of Sri Sri Tattva company?

    Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the owner of Sri Sri Tattva 

    2. Where is Sri Sri Tattva located?

      Sri Sri Tattva is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

      3. Are Sri Sri Ayurveda and Sri Sri Tattva same company?

        Yes. Sri Sri Tattva was previously known as Sri Sri Ayurveda.

        4. When was Sri Sri Tattva established?

          Sri Sri Ayurveda was established in the year 1981

          5. Is Sri Sri Tattva a certified company?

            The company has won some prestigious awards like the Best Health Care Brand by Economic Times. Its products are also GMP, HACCP and Organic certified.

            What does Sri Sri Tattva sell?

              Sri Sri Tattva sells packaged food, personal and home care products, and Ayurveda medicines to patients.

              6. Where can I get Sri Sri products online?

                Distacart offers you 100% original products from Sri Sri Tattva online, across USA and Canada.

                7. What are the best Sri Sri beauty products?

                  Sri Sri Tattva anti acne gel, Rejuvenating night cream and Aloe Vera Vitamin E are some of the most popular beauty products from the brand.

                  8. What are the popular organic soap available from Sri Sri Tattva?

                    Sri Sri Tattva Neem Soap, Lavender Soap, Jasmine Soap, Antiseptic Soap, Glycerine Soap, Malai Cream Soap, Almond & Honey Soap are some of the skin friendly bathing soaps from the brand.

                    9. What is the benefit of Sri Sri Tattva Amla Candy?

                      This tasty chocolate offers relief from indigestion.