Mithaiwala Badam Halwa

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Mithaiwala Badam Halwa, 100% Vegetarian, Perfect Blend of Sweetness and Health, 400gm/1kg/2kg

With guests at home on occasions like Diwali, Navaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi and Krishna Janmashtami this badam halwa from Mithaiwala can be your perfect dessert treat to them.

Badam Halwa Ingredients:

Badam halwa is basically a South Indian sweet dish. The unique taste and chewy texture of badam halwa is provided by

• Ghee

• Sugar

• Almonds

• Groundnut 

• Saffron milk

• Clarified butter

• Sliced dry fruits

• Cardamom powder

• Kesari powder/ yellow food colour


Mithaiwala badam halwa is just not sumptuous in taste but also 

• Comes with an exotic aroma of fresh cardamom and rose water.

• Not so soft and not so firm, this halwa comes with a unique flavour.

• Has a crunchy texture and does not form ghee on top.


• Keep in the freezer for long shelf life.

• Serve in single servings in butter papers.

So serve this authentic Indian dessert and surprise your guests without getting yourself into any hassle of cooking.


Shelf Life: 7 Days

Pieces Per(Kg) - 25 Approx.

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