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Vellanki Snacks

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Vellanki Snacks - The Super Crispy Evening Delicacies

Distacart brings a wide array of crispy, spicyVellanki snacks right at your doorstep. Vellanki Foods is a popular name in the market of traditional snacks items. These super tasty snacks are much better than the street styled snacks.

Avoid the hassle of preparing namkeen at home. Distacart brings to you an exclusive collection of snacks from Vellanki Foods. Stack your cupboard with these and you are sorted! 


This unique Andhra specialty are made with rice flour and urad dal. When your loved ones are yearning for something snacky and delectable, hand them a plate of Murukulu. This deliciousVellanki Snacks can be eaten both as breakfast and as evening snacks.


Crunchy, delicious and addictive, Chekkalu is another Andhra specialty. This channa dal snacks recipe is called Nippattu in Karnataka and Thattai in Tamil Nadu. Vellanki Foods makes these yummy snacks with the best quality legumes and grains. This is a specialized snacks item from this confectionary house and they make several varieties of Chekkalu. 


When you have this pack of magical delicacy in the cupboard, your kids will find every excuse to have it! This is a safe snacks item for your children as these are made with peanuts, curry leaves, poha and boondi; every ingredient has some or the other health benefit.

Bellam Kommulu:

Bellam Kommulu is a Sankranti special snacks recipe. These crispy, tusk-shaped delicacies are traditionally handmade at Vellanki Foods. Also called sweet jaggery murukku, these are made with besan or rice flour and laced with jaggery syrup.

Sanna Boondi Mixture:

Remember the cute fights with your siblings, for the peanuts and cashews in the Sanna Boondi Mixture. Distacart brings back that nostalgia right at your US home. Diwali and Sankranthi are never complete without a plate of this crunchy delicacy.


On the snowy, chilly evenings, the masala pakoda can be a lip-smacking treat. Ribbon pakoda, kaju pakoda are dootha pakodi from Vellanki Foods are like spicy and crunchy namkeen from heaven. 


How to retain the crispiness of the Vellanki Snacks?

Store in an airtight container.

How can I pay for the Vellanki Snacks online?

Distacart offers flexible payment options. Net banking, credit cards, debit cards and Paypal are few of the choices. 

What are the popular Vellanki Snacks?

Hot gavvalu, kaju pakoda, chegodi, dootha pakodi and hot biscuits are some of the most popular Vellanki snacks.

Are Vellanki Snacks healthy?

Yes. Made with finest quality pulses and lentils, Vellanki snacks like Navarathna Mixture and Cornflakes Mixture are rich sources of proteins and vitamins.

Where is Vellanki Snacks located?

Hyderabad, Telangana.

Can I gift the Vellanki Snacks online?

Yes. Distacart can deliver it right at the recipient address.

How long does Distacart takes to deliver the snacks items?

Distacart offers express delivery, within 3-4 days, across USA and Canada.

What Vellanki Snacks are best to serve guests?

Ribbon Pakoda, Spicy peanuts and Potato Mixture work as great snacks for parties.

Can I serve Vellanki Snacks as breakfast?

Yes. Vellanki Snacks like Chekkalu, Cornflakes Mixture and Sanna Boondi can be served as breakfast, as these are filling.

Note: This product may contain artificial flavors and colors

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