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Waist Chain Jewelry/ Belly Chain Jewelry

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Waist Chains - Adorn Beauty on your Waist

The Indian Jewelry is captivating, enchanting, alluring and divine – all at the same time. Most importantly the craftsmanship used in making Indian jewelry is so intrinsic and artistic that each piece is a pure bliss. Waist Chain/ Belly Chain is designed in accordance with the occasion for which you are wearing.

The unique thing about the Indian Jewelry is that it makes use of different gemstones like diamond, ruby, emerald, pearls, beads etc. which makes the jewelry look ethereal.

In India, lot of festivals are celebrated with great fervor and joy. With so many festivities, one requires many varieties of Jewelry suiting the occasion. One such special, yet different type of Jewelry is Indian Waist Jewelry. Let’s know more about it and the various options to adorn one’s waist. 

Gold Polished Kamarbandh:

Waist chain jewelry is popularly called Kamarbandh. One can opt for a Gold Polished Pearl Kamarpatta which is a mix of traditional and modern look. The design is delicate and can be worn by women and girls alike. Since only pearls and gold is used for making this type of waist chain jewelry and the design is very simple and delicate, this piece of collection can be used for casual and regular occasions which look classy and stylish at the same time.

A Gold Polished Kamarbandh Chain is typically traditional piece, beautifully embellished with pearls and stones. It is a typical ethnic type of jewelry more suitable for traditional functions such as weddings, engagements, large gatherings etc.

Gold Polish Alloy Kamarbandh chain is another variety of waist chain jewelry. It has an adjustable chain. It is very light weight, made up of fancy American diamond handicraft. It’s a beautiful fusion of style and tradition. It can be an ideal gift to be given to your friends, daughter, sister, mother or a bride. This will go well along with a dress or a saree.

 A delicately made Gold and Brass Polished Waist Chain is made of a single line of fancy American diamonds embedded in gold. The piece is light weight, looks extremely classy and can be worn on an Indo-western outfit also. It goes well with all the age groups i.e. with women, girls and elderly ladies who want to look stylish and graceful.

Waist chain jewelry also goes by the name of Belly chain Jewelry. Belly chain jewelry makes you look you more feminine. It compliments your appearance. You can choose from a wide variety of options. Try out the Golden Belly Chain made up of stones or just go in for Multi-Colour Gold plated belly Chain which has a peacock design. It is made up of fancy American stones. It is trendy and suits your latest fashion sensibilities.

If you are staying outside India, grab your piece of Waist chain jewelry immediately from Distacart. Currently this service is available only in USA and Canada. Distacart ensures delivery of your products within 24-48 hours, is trustworthy and the products are priced reasonably.

Sleek Waist Chains:

Those who are looking for designs which are sleek, modern, and contemporary and can go well with traditional and modern outfits as well. Then they can opt for sleek waist chains which look extremely stylish and alluring.

A Golden belly chain is a beautiful piece of jewelry made of exquisite American diamonds intricately woven in gold and pearls. Care should be taken to store this jewelry in an air tight pouch. This is a must have piece in your collection.

The multi-colour Gold plated Belly chain has beautifully crafted peacocks which give a unique look to the piece. The piece looks stylish, light and since it is multi-colored, it goes well with any type or color of the dress or sarees. It will enhance your look.

Golden white Gold Polished Pearl Chain is a beautiful amalgamation of gold embedded in white pearls which gives a trendy, stylish look to the chain. The piece can be worn for causal and party occasion.

Waist chain Jewelry may not be easily available in stores outside India. To own this dream range outside India, you need to place an order for Waist chain jewelry online on Distacart which caters to USA and Canada markets. Just browse through Indian Jewellery section on Distacart to see the wide range of options to choose from.


1. How can I order waist chain Jewelry online in USA?

You can order Indian Jewelry online in USA at Distacart. It provides delivery in both USA and Canada along with free shipping options on certain products.  

2. What does a waist chain mean?

It is a kind of ornament worn around waist which makes women look more beautiful and feminine. The product has a very contemporary look. The material used is light and of good quality. This can be easily ordered on Distacart for those who are residing in USA and Canada.

3. What do belly chains symbolize?

Belly chains are alternatively called as belly beads or waistline beads or beaded waist chains. They are a symbol of femininity, fertility and spiritual well-being.

4. What is Kamarbandh?

Kamarbandh is otherwise called belly chain which is worn around the waist. They are made up of gold, silver, and other metals which suits every body type and give the traditional look with saree or salwar kameez.

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