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Buy Indian products with 5-7 business day Express Shipping . FREE SHIPPING >$35 in USA, >$69.99 in Canada, >£50 in UK, >44€ in Netherlands, >SFr. 49 CHF in Switzerland & >A$74.99 in Australia, >SGD $67.30 in Singapore. NO EXTRA DUTIES!

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Benefits of joining as a seller

1. International exposure and recognition to your brand
2. International customers and more sales internationally in new markets
3. Reach to multiple organic marketing channels via DistaCart platform (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, instagram) for FREE
4. Paid marketing on Google and Facebook for your products for FREE
5. No product listing charges like Ebay and Amazon. List as many products as possible for FREE on Distacart and also get them promoted to International customers (Currently USA and Canada) for FREE

Seller payments

1. Sellers would be paid once or twice a month based on the amount of revenue they generate by selling their products or it can be discussed across the table.
2. Amounts would be directly deposited into their accounts from Distacart's partner Genie Exports' Business account

Seller terms and conditions

1. Maintain accurate inventory information
2. When an order is placed, the seller must be able to fulfill the order, and be able to ship to Genie Exports Hyderabad by express shipping within 24 hours. If the order has only items from the seller, the seller must directly ship the order to the customer with the shipping label generated by Distacart, within 24 hours. Orders must be fulfilled on the same day as they are received (with the exception of orders received after 12 noon IST)
3. The seller must highlight the return policy in their profile page. If they accept return, Distacart USA can take returns on their behalf and send it to the India address at additional expense
4. If the seller ships to the customer with their own shipping carrier, the seller must make sure the product reaches the customer. If the products are stuck along the way (at customs), Distacart cart will not be held responsible. Distacart will have to refund the money to the customer in such cases and the seller will not receive any payments for the products not delivered to the customer
5. If the seller is unable to fulfill the orders completely or partially for 3 times, the account will be put on hold and terminated if no agreement is reached between seller and Distacart
6. If the seller sends a damaged product to the customer, a partial or full refund has to be provided to the customer, in such cases the seller will not get the full or partial payments based on the issue resolution after Distacart talks to the customer
7. Conditions are subject to change and notice will be sent to sellers in such events

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