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Buy Exotic Flavors of Makhanawalas at Distacart:

Every home mate wants the presence of Indian snacks in your storeroom to ensure their maximum delight during entertainments. The feel of having Makhanawalas during home theatre time can full fill your weekend with complete satisfaction. Makhanawalas from Distacart is considered one of the best snack options during your gathering, with dual benefits. It is healthy and tasty that you can treat your invites with varieties of flavors. At Distacart, you can find various varieties of flavors which you can get directly to your home with assured purity and freshness.

Why Makhanawalas From Distacart:

The true delight of having Makhanawalas is its freshness and crispy. You can feel the best experience with the best packing of Makhanawalas from Distacart. When you run to the best shop around you and search for your favorite flavor, you might end with huge disappointment, and finally, you have to compromise with the flavor. Missing your favorite flavor of Makhanawalas is most depressing with your snack times. At Distacart, you don’t have to face this disappointment. You can find all varieties of flavors for full 365 days. You can order your choice of flavor and enjoy your weekend house party.

Flavors of Makhanawalas:

Makhanawala’s Roasted Makhana Peri-Peri:

The peri-peri flavor is one of the most highlighted flavors available at Distacart. If you adore hot and spicy during your weekend beverage time, then this peri-peri flavor of Makhanawala’s is the best choice for you. You can scream with the ultimate spicy flavor of red hot chilly, which delights you with a fiery taste. The pack has ingredients like foxnut, sunflower oil, dehydrated vegetable powder of onion, garlic, tamarind, spice, salt, sugar, herbs like oregano, and lots of fresh red chili. The perfect blend of these ingredients will never disappoint you during your nighttime beverage party.

Makhanawalas Roasted Makhana Sweet Barbeque:

Have you ever experienced the combination of sweet and spice in the perfect ratio? That will treat your taste buds in the ultimate way you can never explain the feeling. You can avail such a tempting flavor of Makhalawalas at Distacart. The perfect combination of sweet and savory, with the blend taste of barbeque flavor, is a heavenly experience.

Makahanawala’s Roasted Makhana Cheesy Italiana:

The vast crowd of hands rises for the flavor of the cheese. This special variety of makhana cheesy Italiana treats your fans to Italian cheese. You can feel the yummy taste of cheesy Italiana in every single makhana. This will be a perfect combo for your in-house movie party. You can fill your plate with these yummy snacks and enjoy the royal feel with your weekend movie.

Makhanawala’s Roasted Makhana Fox Nut Spicy Indiana:

No tough says no to the tangy Indian spicy flavour. Packs of Makhana fox nut spicy Indiana is the best in a class snack to bring you feelings of homemade Makana. At once, when you put your fingers on this snack, you can’t end unless your tummy gets full. This snack is the best option to change your boring meal to an exciting treat. You can enjoy the flavor of garlic, dry mango, tomato, ginger, methi, onion, and spices.

Order all Flavors of Makhanawala’s From Distacart:

You can flavor your life with a daily treat by ordering exciting flavors of makhana from Distacart. You can have the freshest and quality Makhana snack from Distacart. You don’t have to compromise with your taste and bring varieties of flavors to your home just by order at Distacart.

Makhanawala’s FAQ’s:

1. What are the nutritional facts of Makhana snacks?

Makhana is the most nutritious snack, highly rich in protein, calcium, and fibers. If you are searching for a low-calorie snack, these Makhanas are the best option with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. What is Makhana termed in English?

Makhana can be termed fox nuts in English, which is one of the tastiest snacks made of lotus seeds with high nutritious value.

3. What is recommended intake of Makhana for daily routine?

You can intake two to three hand full Makhana every day.

4. What are the benefits of Makhanas?

You can regulate heartbeat and blood pressure with the regular habit of makhanas. These Makhanas are rich in folate, which maintains your cardio health.

5. When can I prefer eating Makhana?

Makhanas are great shacks that can be intake between your meals or even at midnight. You can combine them with any time treat.

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